My Story

“To do for you what he did for me”

I remember what it was like when I bought my first house. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know much actually. I remember exactly how worried and unsure I was and I don’t want you to ever feel like that.

The very next day I brought my mom to look at the property and give me her opinion! (By the way, my mom knew nothing about real estate.) I still laugh about this. I literally ran to my mommy.

However, my mom had the answer! She told me to talk a family friend named Jimmy, which was great advice.

Jimmy was a real estate investor. After a careful inspection of the property and a conversation about my goals, Jimmy gave the deal his blessing. Over the next few years he gave me the advice I needed to invest. Jimmy guided me through an avalanche of legal, tax and ethical hurdles.

My Story

I became a real estate agent to do for you what Jimmy did for me. I’ll be your mentor, and my work doesn’t end with your transaction. I am committed to your success in real estate. I will always be there for you.

Back in 2013 my wife and I bought our colonial revival in the Vallejo Heritage and started restoration.

It quickly became apparent that even my significant construction background was not enough for me to understand what to do. I put on my learning cap and figured it out.

I am passionate about these old buildings. If you are interested in owning a historic home, I will help you deal with the unique problems these structures have. If you are interested in selling a historic home, I will promote your home as the incredible asset that it is!


My story is different from most agents. I started as an investor and later became a realtor. Now I understand how to get permits through city hall. I have managed large remodels. I have specialized skills in construction, from carpentry to electrical. And I possess a solid grasp of the lending world.

This is real life experience that many “list and sell” agents haven’t had the chance to acquire. I have the real world experience to understand your most important investment from the bottom up.

For most people, buying or selling real estate will be the largest and most significant transaction you will ever make. The rules are complicated, and you have to get it right.

In the same way a lawyer represents your interests in court, my job is to protect you. I promise myself as your guide and guardian.

My Story

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

Out there on the extra mile is where I find those smoking hot deals for my Clients.

This is my promise to you.

As a Realtor, I will do everything for you I would do for my best friend.

I will go the extra mile. I will work as hard for you as if you were my family. I will use all of my creativity and diligence in the same way I would if I were working for myself.

I am committed to your success in real estate.

I work as a member of the HomeBased Realty brokerage. My broker is Joe Morales He manages the legal and ethical side and I manage the sales and business side. I created this special type of brokerage in order to provide intensely focused, individual service. I don’t work under the stiffing restrictions of a big corporation. I answer to you.

I love real estate! I love everything about it.

My favorite part is the day I hand you the keys to your new home.

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Chris Jacobson Would Love To Hear From You

Chris Jacobson

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