“To do for you what he did for me”

I remember the first time I made an offer on a property. My hand shook as I reached for the pen. Beads of sweat were shining on my forehead. My heart was beating so hard I could feel the blood throbbing behind my eyes.

The very next day I actually brought my mom to look at the property and give me her opinion! (By the way, my mom knew nothing about real estate.) I still laugh about this. I literally had to run to my mommy.

Nevertheless, my mom had the answer! She told me to talk a family friend named Jimmy, which was great advice.

Jimmy was a real estate investor. After a careful inspection of the property and a conversation about my goals, he gave the deal his blessing. Over the next few years he gave me the advice I needed to invest and to be a landlord. Jimmy guided me through an avalanche of legal and ethical hurdles.

I became a real estate agent to do for you what Jimmy did for me. I’ll be your mentor, and my work doesn’t end with your first transaction. I am committed to your success in real estate.

I’ll be there to help anytime you need professional advice or encouragement.


Real estate is complex. You’ll always be able to reach out to me. If you want to learn to be an investor, I’ll teach you what I know and find people to help you where I can’t. My story is different from most agents. I started as an investor and later became a realtor. I spent years learning the ins and outs of being a landlord. Now I understand how to get permits through city hall. I have managed large remodels. I have specialized skills in construction, from carpentry to electrical. And I possess a solid grasp of the lending world. This is real life experience that many “list and sell” agents haven’t had the chance to acquire. Most agents wouldn’t be able to tell you that “the electrical ampacity of your structure exceeds the city drop.” Most agents wouldn’t be able to tell you that you’ll be more eligible for a loan “if you declare you will live in the smallest unit of a four-unit building to increase your rent schedule and lower your debt to income ratio.” I have the real world experience to understand your most important investment from the bottom up.


Your grandfather would have expected this

I have created a special type of brokerage to provide unique, intensely focused and individualized service. The kind of service your grandfather would expect.

My partner Darrell Cox is a lawyer and broker. He manages the legal compliance of the business. I manage the sales side.

I created this brokerage because I wanted to be independent. I do not have to answer to a corporate brokerage house. I do not have numbers to meet. I am responsible to myself, I am responsible to my broker Darrell, and most importantly I am responsible to you.

I love real estate! I love everything about it.

My favorite part is the day I hand you the keys to your new home.

Chris Jacobson Would Love To Hear From You

Chris Jacobson

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Chris Jacobson Would Love To Hear From You

Chris Jacobson

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