The shocking thing that 60{4a0b1dea5bf715a4aba123cfb8829d7dfb98db5e4bf893e443d6d65602013558} of first-time home buyers do when searching for their new home

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. In fact, 60{4a0b1dea5bf715a4aba123cfb8829d7dfb98db5e4bf893e443d6d65602013558} of first-time home buyers are so unsure of what to do that they end up doing nothing!

I’m going to make it easy for you. I’ve broken the whole process down into 5 basic steps.

Many agents won’t get involved until you have done most of the work on your own. But I know from experience how easy it is to feel stuck, even at the first step. I will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process. I am here to help you feel confident.


If you want you can <contact me now>, and we’ll get started. Or if you prefer, take the following steps:


Step 1. Get Specific


Get specific about what you want. I always advise starting off with a dream list.  You have to start by giving yourself the freedom to dream. What do you want in your property? A view of the mountains? A guest bedroom? A kitchen with a pantry? Let your heart be free, and write it all down.


Next, get practical. write your a list of must-haves (two bedrooms, yard for your dog, etc.) You can rule out any listing that doesn’t have all of your must-haves.


Finally, do the nice-to-have things, such as a 2-car garage, space for a garden, or a rental unit for making extra cash.


It is very important to not think about having to settle or compromise! I know that at some point this is probably unavoidable. But please take my word for it, it is not the way you want to start. Start by giving yourself the freedom to dream.


Step 2. Get pre-approved


It usually surprises folks when I mention this as a first step. Pre-approval is one of the most important steps you can take, because it lets you know what you can afford. This is the step that clarifies where and how to begin your search.


Most sellers prefer an offer that comes with a pre-approval letter, because it virtually guarantees you can pay the price you offer. I can put you in touch with trusted lenders who will walk you through the process step by step.


Part of the “trick” of buying property is getting the right financing. There are a lot of options out there. You will need an expert to help guide you through financing and show you how the whole thing works. Trust me, you will feel a lot better when your mind is a ease.


It is also important to start the pre-approval process as soon as possible. This is where we find and fix the types of problems which could stop you from buying. Even if you are not going to buy for a year, I recommend you get pre-approved yesterday. You can’t do it too soon.


Step 3. Test drive the new locale


Explore the neighborhoods you are interested in. You’ll need to walk and drive around to get a feel for a neighborhood and decide whether you would truly like to live there. You are literally going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. You owe it to yourself to get out there and do your homework.


Go there on a Friday night, and early on a Tuesday morning. Start doing your shopping there! Take your spouse on a date to the local restaurant. Get a haircut. Talk to strangers, waiters, cashiers and bank tellers. Ask them what they like or dislike about the area.


Find out about the schools. Look for signs that the neighborhood is on an upswing, such as new restaurants and other consumer businesses opening up, high-priced houses in nearby neighborhoods, schools with improved test scores and other ratings.


Step 4. Understand the numbers (it is ok to get expert help)


Owning property will bring you significant tax savings. You need to understand how these will affect your wallet. The amazing truth is that the amount you can spend on a mortgage is going to be a lot more than you were able to spend on rent.


Everyone’s tax situation is unique. In general you should be able to spend about 33{4a0b1dea5bf715a4aba123cfb8829d7dfb98db5e4bf893e443d6d65602013558} more on a mortgage than you were spending on rent, and the tax savings will pay the difference. If you buy a multi-unit property, you may be able to have your tenants’ rent pay the mortgage for you.


If you are not sure where to start, it is a really great idea at this point to play the <Cash Flow Game.>


Step 5. Start looking at properties


If you haven’t found an agent yet, you are missing out on expert help. When you are a first-time buyer, you will need to see a lot of properties and explore important questions like “should we buy a condo or single family house?”


You’re going to have a lot of questions, and that is completely normal. You will probably be a bit scared, and that is normal too. As you begin to get the answers you need, you will start to get really excited and confident in yourself and your ability to get what you want.


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