How to Sell Your Property at High Value in Any Market, and Do it So Fast Your Neighbors Will Think You Cheated

If you only did half of the things I do for all my sellers, you would be so far ahead of everyone else that you’d likely be choosing among several high-quality buyers.

The secret is in the word “selling.” Many real estate agents don’t actually make much effort to sell your property. Most agents are just “listing takers.” Don’t worry. For the chance of a commission they will take your listing too.

What I do is sell. This is where I’ll give you an unfair advantage.


The first secret to selling your home: Have a plan

Think about all the products you’ve ever seen on TV. I promise you, the sellers had a marketing plan. The sellers had a detailed idea of exactly how they would market and sell that product. They had a specific target market. They knew who, why and how people would buy. They had it mapped out.

I know you are only selling one piece of property.  But why should you be different?

This is your one big sale. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. Why would you ever let your agent just “wing it”?

I create and follow a detailed marketing plan with every property I sell. If you want to see the whole plan, leave your email here
Sell Your Property

A properly marketed property should sell for top dollar. A properly marketed property gets more interest.

More importantly, it attracts interest from the exact people looking for your type of property. You should have a target market, but remember that there are buyers targeting you as well.

There are special things about your property, important details. There are features which will make it sell for more. My job is to find those qualities and make sure buyers notice them too.

These distinctions lead to a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. This concept has been used to sell everything from toothbrushes to luxury cars. There is no reason for you to ignore it.

There is another great reason to have me sell your home:

Big Rustic Kitchen Sink with Italian Tile Backsplash
Tire Swing

I am going to give you $500!

I am not going to exactly hand you the $500, but I am going to contribute that money to your cause.

Before we go to listing, I’ll devote two or three days of my time and chip in $500 of my own money to polish your property like a gem. I may hire a crew to clean up the trash or a painter to do touch-ups. We might plant flowers in the garden. Sometimes we do a pressure wash to clean the house. (Wouldn’t you wash your car before you put a for sale sign on it?) Every property needs something.

This is an important sale and a big money transaction. We need to get your property ready in every way we can.

New property is hot property.  Use the Polished Gem technique to make your property sparkle in the spotlight

When a new property comes on the market, a lot of buyers want to see it right away. You’re in the spotlight. It’s critical that you take advantage of this special time.

In a few weeks, your chance will be gone.

Most buyers look once, and never look back. That’s why I make all the preparations ahead of time. I want everybody to see your property in the best possible light from day one.

Vegan Lunch on patio

Three technical skills that cut through the noise and nail an irresistible image of your property into the buyer’s brain–even when buyers don’t read the listing!

Photos sell property.

 Many people look at a listing and only read the headline. Some people don’t read at all. This means that the photos can make or break your listing.

Every other product in the world has great photo! How can you afford not to?

This is your one big shot to sell your house. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. Are you really going to let an average agent take 2 or 3 bad photos with their cell phone?

I go to great lengths to create incredible photos. I make sure to stage each shot with lighting and other professional photo equipment. I have all the photos professionally edited, touched up and color-corrected.  I do my best to make each home look like it belongs in a magazine.

I’ll tell you how I do this if you leave your email Sell Your Property

Kitchen in New Luxury Home
Coffee cup on table Outdoor in garden with Sunrise

What might be even more important than the headline and photographs? Video tours!

I do video tours for every property I sell. Think of it as a TV commercial for your home. This isn’t a low quality, homemade family video by uncle Bob. This is a professional piece of marketing.

Visually, your video will have the same professional quality as the photos. But the most important part of the video is the voice over. I put a lot of care into this. The voice over gives me an opportunity to talk directly to every buyer about all the unique aspects of your property.

This can’t be left to chance.

Lastly, I make a web page. If you look at any luxury home for sale you will see that it has a web page. Shouldn’t your property have one too? I include everything that makes your property worth more than the one down the street.

It’s not easy to do all of this stuff. Generally speaking it takes me a week or more to get everything together for a listing. It is hard to create a marketing plan and get the pieces of the puzzle in place.

That’s why I try to work with only one client at any given time. This is also why I’m not afraid of other agents trying to “steal” my marketing plan. Most of them are just too damn lazy.

Most agents just want the listing. They are “listing takers.” They get your signature, take a few photos with their cell phone, throw everything up on the MLS and then wait to see what happens. They know that eventually, you’ll probably sell to someone and they can collect their commission. I can’t work like that.

I want your business forever, and I am willing to earn it.

Concluding a new business deal

The fourth marketing rule: Make a buyer feel like this home is their destiny

You want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living in your home.

I’m going to be tough on you to make sure this happens. For example, after you sell you will have to pack up and move out. I think you should start packing now. When you empty half your closet, the buyer can feel like there is room for their stuff too.

No matter how much it hurts, pack up most of your family photos. Minimize the feeling that the space belongs to someone else. This is how you sell for top dollar.

We want the buyers to desire your home the moment they walk through the door. Putting fresh baked cookies or bread in the oven is a great trick. We want the buyers to literally have their mouths watering.

Selling is about creating an experience where the buyers see themselves owning and enjoying your property. No one will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars because of logic, but a buyer will spend that money in a heartbeat when they FEEL they are home.

Staging is the first step to create this feeling. Staging is critical to getting the full price and full value on your property. What we’ll do in the staging is unique to your home, and of course this is part of my marketing plan. This is part of truly selling your property, not merely listing it.

Cookies Out on a Cookie Tray with Spatula

How deliberate action will make buyers line up and compete for the privilege of buying your property

Before your open house, I’ll knock on doors and invite the neighbors. It’s good to have a crowd.

I invite potential buyers to sit down and relax before I try to show them around. I want to make sure they have a chance to feel comfortable. I don’t let people wander around an open house. I walk them through your home one at a time.

I do this so I can talk to them. There are a lot of looky-loos, but I need to find the qualified and interested buyers. When I do, you better believe I will invite them back for a private showing later.

A full price, full value buyer is not shopping the discount rack. They are not willing to accept a half painted kitchen. We will always complete the termite inspection in advance. We’ll complete the section one repairs as well.

Buyers are usually scared. We need to remove all their objections. I have to make it easy for them to want the property. I have to make it easy for them to say yes.

When everything goes as planned, we’ll usually generate a lot of “deal heat.” We want buyers to be ready to compete. When buyers compete, you win.

Garden works

By listening carefully, you can overcome the number one deal-killing pitfall

About half of all real estate deals fall apart. I will make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

We can usually come up with a change in terms that satisfies one party without taking away anything important from the other. By listening carefully and being creative, I believe both sides can win.

I’ll make sure you get the best possible price with the fewest hassles or hold-ups. Other sellers in your neighborhood will shake their heads in disbelief. Some of them will scream “No fair!” You might even make a few people cry.


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